Cloud security ensures your data and applications are readily available to authorized users. You’ll always have a reliable method to access your cloud applications and information, helping you quickly take action on any potential security issues. Through cloud-based email security, Proofpoint provides compliance solutions and protection for sensitive business data. Proofpoint is a leading security and compliance company that provides cloud-based encryption solutions for corporate and enterprise levels. It protects your data flawlessly, more effectively, and with risk analysis and cloud detection. HyTrust is a Cloud Security Automation Company that provides security controls for computing, networking, and other areas.

Fortunately, there is a lot that you can do to protect your own data in the cloud. External threats caused almost exclusively by malicious actors, such as malware, phishing, and DDoS attacks. If a solution can enable a third-party security control to defend against a given attack but can’t do so on its own (i.e. an SWG can enable inspection for malware but another solution may be required to enable detection) , it gets ½ star. Its modern take on how security should work is winning over lots of new customers, and the company is scaling up its operation to add more to its already impressive customer base. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, data breaches through the first nine months of 2021 already exceed those for full-year 2020. Founded in 1993 by brothers Tom and David Gardner, The Motley Fool helps millions of people attain financial freedom through our website, podcasts, books, newspaper column, radio show, and premium investing services.

This requires taking into account various considerations and tradeoffs, such as visibility, analytics, infrastructure, and security. Servicing over 23,000 enterprises and service providers, Pulse Secure has empowered businesses of every size to securely access and applications while ensuring business compliance. Using next-gen technologies to fight cyber attacks in real-time, the company’s immense cloud-based machine learning engine works by receiving a constant stream of data from hundreds of millions of users. This facilitates learning and improves its artificial intelligence engine at an unprecedented speed. Last year, the company rolled out ThreatQ Investigations which is the only solution in the threat intelligence space that enables siloed security teams to work collaboratively and manage threats effectively.

Book a demo of the Akamai SD WAN and SASE security capability over Zoom or Teams. You will receive an email asking for times/dates, please check your junk folder if not received. Book a demo of the Bitglass SD WAN and SASE security capability over Zoom or Teams. Book a demo of the Microsoft SD WAN and SASE security capability over Zoom or Teams.

Please book your Microsoft vendor demo to learn more about their capability. Microsoft’s portfolio truly has a security solution for almost any cybersecurity need, although it can be argued that their benefits are most easily realized by organizations who are already Microsoft 365 or Azure users. And, organizations who utilize Google Workspace as their productivity suite, or organizations who have large populations of Linux or Apple users can still benefit from Microsoft’s security solutions. Please book your Barracuda vendor demo to learn more about their capability. Please book your Proofpoint vendor demo to learn more about their capability.

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The company provides security services to 12 of the 20 Fortune largest global companies, ten of the 20 largest financial institutions and five of the top ten largest healthcare provides. Kount – Kount’s award-winning, AI-driven fraud prevention empowers digital businesses, online merchants, and payment service providers around the world to protect against payments fraud, new account creation fraud, and account takeover. With Kount, businesses approve more good orders, uncover new revenue streams, improve customer experience and dramatically improve their bottom line all while minimizing fraud management cost and losses. Kount’s continuously adaptive platform provides certainty for businesses at every digital interaction.

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Besides the common threats, it’s critical to protect your business from sophisticated cyber attacks. One of the biggest challenges of managing any cloud security posture is the complexity it often involves. You’ll get centralized visualization into your security alerts, assets, auto-remediation, and cloud traffic across Oracle Cloud, AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, Kubernetes, and other cloud environments.

SaaS examples include Google Drive, Slack, Salesforce, Microsoft 365, Cisco WebEx, Evernote. Absolute – Absolute serves as the industry benchmark for endpoint resilience, visibility and control. Companies are using more and more cloud services – and keeping track of every cloud app or cloud server ever spun up is hard work. But there are many, many instances of corporate data left exposed by poor use of cloud security.

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Founded in 2005, Santa Clara, California-based Palo Alto Networks is a global cybersecurity company serving more than 54,000 customers across roughly 150 countries. Its advanced firewalls and cloud-based security products are used by more than 85 of the Fortune 100 companies and 63% of the Global 2000. The company, which went public in July of 2012 employs over 7,000 worldwide and has a market capitalization of $22 billion. In 2019 which coincides with their twentieth anniversary, the company evolved from a network control pioneer to a next-level networking leader.

  • One that provides protection without slowing down or creating friction for the business.
  • Request the very latest Cisco data sheet PDF directly from your local account team.
  • For financial services, healthcare, and other sectors that have to be extremely careful about data leakage, Forcepoint’s DLP solutions provide granular control, including the ability to audit and block transfers to USBs.
  • Combining next-level simplicity, security, reliability and automation, Infoblox is able to cut manual tasks by 70% and make organizations’ threat analysts 3x more productive.
  • CloudGuard also supports rapid CI/CD workflows automation, agility, and deployment.

Netskope Leader in Cloud Security & Highest-ranked CASB. Trusted by industry-leading businesses, we work to protect your data, stop threats and respond to incidents. Regardless of the preventative measures organizations have in place for their on-premise and cloud-based infrastructures, data breaches and disruptive outages can still occur. Enterprises must be able to quickly react to newly discovered vulnerabilities or significant system outages as soon as possible. Disaster recovery solutionsare a staple in cloud security and provide organizations with the tools, services, and protocols necessary to expedite the recovery of lost data and resume normal business operations. While enterprises may be able to successfully manage and restrict access points across on-premises systems, administering these same levels of restrictions can be challenging in cloud environments.

Prancer provides the most comprehensive IaC Static Code Analysis for the cloud, both from the supported template formats and the available compliance database. For the Infrastructure as Code security, the Prancer security engine can connect to any git repository and validate Cloud-Native formats , Terraform, Kubernetes Objects, Helm Charts, ACK, ASO, KCC, JSON formats, YAML and plain text files. As a high-growth segment of the tech industry, cybersecurity offers investors lots of upside in the decade ahead. The company’s highly profitable platform has helped it to acquire more than a dozen smaller cloud-native businesses in the past few years. As a result, Palo Alto Networks has given its security operation a serious makeover.

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Request the very latest Cloudflare SASE data sheet PDF directly from your local account team. Request the very latest FireEye SASE data sheet PDF directly from your local account team. Request the very latest ExtraHop SASE data sheet PDF directly from your local account team. Organizations concerned with Advanced Persistent Threats looking for a cloud-native security solution would benefit from ExtraHop’s NDR capabilities.

cloud security companies

This is one of the shortest in the C-suite, despite this role having immense responsibility. As the decentralization of decisions in security follows the path that led us to SaaS and remote work, the function of a CISO will evolve to one that is strategic, business/outcomes-focused, and visible at the board level. We exist to support our companies, and we have focused expertise in areas including talent, business development, marketing and communications and growth/leadership. The company provides good services, such as strong security and good overall capabilities.

For example, Access Transparency is extending its cloud security services to the G Suite platform. Access Transparency logs the details of when Google employees interact with a user’s data. In addition, Google is launching a data loss prevention user interface, a cloud security scanner and security health analytics features.

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Cloud Security is the set of policies and technologies designed to protect data and infrastructure involved in a cloud computing environment. The top concerns that cloud security companies look to address are identity and access management, and data privacy. CyberDB helps in matching organizations with the right cloud security vendors based on your needs, start the search below. With its innovative approach, they help improve SD-WAN security, cloud security and cloud on-ramp.

A leader in software-defined Secure Access solutions, Pulse Secure provides easy-to-use and comprehensive solutions for SSL VPN software. Founded by Amos Stern, Alon Cohen and Garry Fatakhov, New York startup, Siemplify is the leading independent provider of security orchestration, automation and response . Not only has ThreatQuotient addressed the industry demand for greater threat visibility and customer-defined controls, but it’s also found a way to attain a single visual representation of a complete situation. This year, the company exposed one of the largest data breaches in the last decade. More than 250 million government, corporate and private users were impacted by nefarious malware, TrickBooster, which was stealing sensitive financial data. Having slipped under the radar for some time, A-LIGN found itself thrust into the spotlight following a $54.5 million growth equity investment from FTV Capital in July 2018.

cloud security companies

The vendor that will provide the best cloud security is the one that has a platform that covers all important areas of cloud security. This provides unified management, policies, logs, and alerts, simplifying security. Additionally, meeting the needs of the modern enterprise requires the ability to meet today’s security needs for assets, users, servers, and applications and integrate security from the very beginning.

The better you have defined your total cloud ecosystem, the better you can accurately forecast the services you need. Check Point Software, Forcepoint, Akamai, and Palo Alto Networks offer both hardware and SaaS solutions, cloud security companies which may make it easier for companies to leverage their existing infrastructures. With Kona Site Defender, all websites and APIs are protected, whether they are on premises or spread across multiple public clouds.

The following graphic compares the percentage of organizations by industry who are relying on AI to improve their cybersecurity. 80% of telecommunications executives believe their organization would not be able to respond to cyberattacks without AI, with the average being 69% of all enterprises across seven industries. It’s a trend that has accelerated in recent years, with cloud-based services such as Zoom,Microsoft 365 and Google Workspaceand many others becoming the collaboration and productivity tools of choice for teams working remotely.

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GoodFirms comprehends the problem and thus the list of cloud security companies is accomplished with genuine client reviews and research rankings for their services. Qualys is another great cloud computing security platform that provides cloud compliance and security information. Qualys platform provides services like vulnerability management, threat detection, compliance with PCI- based regulations, web application scanning, web app firewall, and website security testing. Therefore, organizations can choose a cloud security solution platform to protect their sensitive data stored on cloud technologies. If you are looking for a good cybersecurity company for your business, then McAfee is the right choice for you as it provides advanced solutions to customers, organizations, and governments. To prevent information threats, leakage, or deletion, McAfee’s security technologies are using the best solutions to protect their customers.

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Critical security patches for VPN and RDP applicationshave beenreleased by vendorsin order to fix security vulnerabilities that put organisations at risk of cyberattacks. If these aren’t applied quickly enough, there’s the potential for cyber criminals to abuse these services as an entry point to the network that can be exploited for further cyberattacks. Although their SD WAN and SASE offerings are strong, there are certain use cases where their product may not suit your business requirements.

Management says its acquisition spree is over for now as it foresees double-digit percentage revenue growth in the years ahead. CrowdStrike’s sales have been booming, and the company is currently the largest pure-play security vendor by market capitalizaton. In an increasingly mobile world with more devices continually coming online, CrowdStrike is poised to continue growing at a brisk rate.

Security in the cloud depends on many factors, whether you choose SaaS, Paas or IaaS, and whether the cloud is private, public, hybrid based. Data loss prevention services offer a set of tools and services designed to ensure the security of regulated cloud data. DLP solutions use a combination of remediation alerts, data encryption, and other preventative measures to protect all stored data, whether at rest or in motion.

Book a demo of the Menlo SD WAN and SASE security capability over Zoom or Teams. Organizations looking for a simplified approach to secure web gateways and proxies will like what Menlo Security has to offer. Their platform covers key components of the SASE architecture with SWG, DLP, CASB, iSOC, remote browser isolation, FWaaS and an “Elastic Edge” which delivers unlimited scalability and near 100% availability.

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And, because they have such a deep product set and experience in the industry, Check Point can help you leverage your existing infrastructure and management tools to streamline deployment and further reduce total cost of ownership. However, the more interconnected it is, the more value and peace of mind can be gained. Effective cloud security enables an organization to take advantage of the granularity, scalability, and flexibility of the cloud while having a strategic plan and approach to their cloud and being as secure as possible.